The 7th International Textile and Fibre Art Exhibition “Fibremen”


The 7th International Exhibition “Fibremen” will offer top fibre and textile artworks from leading artists – men artists. This exhibition will give an opportunity to meet men who love textile and fibre art. Lots of connections are usually made, lots of life long cooperation begin from a shared interest in textile. It will be exceptional men with their exceptional art. It will be a world that captures the essence of one mans’s life and one man’s art.

Step inside, create a federation of style with themes both elegant and exotic. Your creativity will not be limited with definite themes or textile techniques. Working with fibres you always have the fun in the details and visitors of “Fibremen” exhibitions love to be lost in the details. Explore, discover new techniques, expand your horizons, have fun and adventure, enjoy fibre art. Step by step create a lasting impression of yourself, your country, your home, your world. Like a rule all your artworks demonstrate sparks of individuality and creativity. We look forward to the artworks of men who are creative and brave, intuitive and exotic in expressing their ideas.

Nowadays we – the ukrainians need images of calm, protection and peace, artworks which suggest a world of downy, sunny repose. The simple pleasures of life become so rare at war time. Minutes of solitude are so rare. We all need a tranquil place to embrace exciting moments of life. It’s important not to miss something spectacular like a smile, a sound or a gesture. They’ll never be this cute again. So don’t be afraid to be sentimental, curl up yourselves in a bouquet of dreams. Personaly we have a big bouquet of dreams, which consists of three words – victory, peace and freedom. Wishes like a rule do come true!

The Ukrainians are very peaceful and creative nation with rich culture, incredible textile art traditions and a big sense of freedom. We like fredom in any sphere of our life and that’s why nowadays we fight for freedom and our land.

We know very well about tendencies in the world to give themes for the exhibitions. Very often 60-70 % of selected artworks at such exhibitons do not correspond to the initial themes. On the contrary our goal is not to press on you and to give you a complete freedom in your creative expression.

This year we have had definite words in our mind: “Inspite of all – all difficulties and air raid alarms – we want to do the exhibition “Fibremen” and to show artworks of men artists, who are the bravest among the brave.

We hope this exhibition wil inspire you to live with pride and to take with you all that is good, kind and generous. We are only the inspirational thinkers and we hope any of your chosen themes will be perfect and exciting. Whether it is exciting moments of your life, a tranquil place where you like to stay and dream or your shelter among the autumn eden. Look around, you’ll see reality, everything we possess has an interesting story of it’s own to tell using fibres. Those are only some ideas, which can inspire you.

Best regards and let your mind wander freely

Ludmila Egorova
Anastasia Schneider