, Projektraum M54, Basel (CH)

Exhibition view with three art objects in the exhibition space M54 in Basel, Switzerland
Art object with polyamide pantyhose, epoxy resin, brass, glass mirror and wood
art object made of polyamide tights, epoxy resin, cotton velvet on wood

25.8. – 16.9.2018

Group exhibition with sound lounge and publication
curated by: Matthias Aeberli and Chris Regn

The content of these three exhibited artworks of mine is about fairy tales (Snow White and The Frog Prince). Memories from childhood mix with my biography and are transported into my current work process. I call this mixture of fairy tale memories and material together „farytale remixes“. I take the term „remix“ from my music archive of electronic styles (techno, progressive, minimal, drum ’n bass, …), which occurs quite often. Accordingly, I have also made a selection from my CD archive for the planned songlist, which consists of various remixes.
Remixes are often used in electronic music to redesign and remix existing songs from rock and pop music. Even among the subgenres of electronic dance music, parts or whole songs are transferred into other styles. Without perhaps knowing the original song, a remix can be liked or disliked.