auch wenn wir uns ein wenig verbiegen, so brechen wir nicht


27.5. – 9.9.2018
Exhibition „Grenzenlos“, Kulturort Galerie Weiertal, Winterthur (CH)
curated by Maja von Meiss

2018, Site-specific installation, polyamide tights, epoxy resin, leather/artificial leather boots, gravel, fruit trees

For the „Grenzenlos“ summer exhibition at the „Kulturort Weiertal“, I created a site-specific installation in the park. Long and stretched bodies nestle between, on and around the fruit trees. These bodies were formed from beige-brown tights of different yarn thicknesses. The fabric produced on electronically controlled looms forms the basis of my work – in combination with epoxy resin it is one of the main materials. In addition, there are shoes, some of which are filled with gravel. By mixing and combining the materials and their properties, absurd and bizarre bodies are created, which are exposed to nature in the open air. The hardened resin increases the transparency of the hosiery fabric and, together with the branches, keeps the bodies upright or allows the horizontal stretching to solidify. As fine as the polyamide fibres and the fabric are, the tights with the cured resin are just as fragile. The environmental influences such as the sunlight, the wind, as well as the temperature will reveal during the duration of the exhibition whether they will leave wounds on these easily fragile bodies. With this work, I take the function of tights as a garment, which like no other fashion accessory is so close to the body and adapts like a skin over muscles and skeleton. They themselves became bodies (sheaths) that together took their place at the cultural site of Weiertal for a certain time.

Catalogue (PDF excerpt, German)