artist statement

Fine-mesh polyamide tights are the primary material I use in my sculpture, installation, photography and graphics-based pieces. I often supplement this feminine material with an epoxy resin to add a three-dimensional effect to my work. I also consider my studio – which can exist outside of my home in an exhibition context – as a research space. I investigate the behaviour of this delicate artificial fabric, approaching it with an intense curiosity. I create something abstract, bizarre and grotesque with this familiar fashion accessory. I get inspired by the materials themselves, whether these comprise a mix of just polyamide tights and resin or incorporate other objects and materials as well. In my work, I extract the tights’ function as a piece of clothing that is closer to the body than any other fashion accessory, one that adapts to muscles and bones like skin. I create structures that are both light and heavy, fragile and sturdy. These often emerge as groups in a serial working process. I also do not regard the pieces as self-contained and self-defining. The pieces evolve depending on the setup of the exhibition space or room layout, adjusting to the environment the way fine-mesh tights adapt to the body.